2013 STEM Teacher Educators' Conference

Thank you to the 235 attendees of this year's STEM Teacher Educators' Conference. Below are links to multiple sessions throughout the day, as well as agenda and biographies of our speakers. There's also a link to an evaluation of the conference. If you were in attendence on the 20th, please take a moment to fill out the online survey. 

Online Survey



Keynote Speech from Claudia Morrell

Breakout Sessions:

Claudia Morrell- Considerations for Creating an Equitable Learning Environment in STEM

John  Tillotson- Essential Features of Highly Effective STEM Teacher Education Programs: Lessons Learned from the IMPPACT Project

Mike Clough, Lori Ihrig and Jesse Wilcox- Structure and Efficacy of a Research-Based Science Teacher Education Program

Larry Escalada, Jeffrey Morgan and Shannon McLaughlin- Iowa Regents Modeling and PRISMS Workshop

Joanne Tubbs and Kris Kilibarda- STEM Endorsements for Teacher Licensure