2014-2015 STEM Scale-Up Programs

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A World in Motion (AWIM) 
Description: AWIM provides science, technology, engineering and math education through inquiry based real world engineering challenges designed for primary, elementary and middle school students.
Grade Level: K- 8
Contact: Chris Ciuca, SAE International, cciuca@sae.org
For More Information: www.awim.org

CASE – The “CASE” for Agricultural STEM Education in Iowa: Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today 
Description: Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education, CASE, curricular materials provide a high level of STEM educational experiences to students to enhance the rigor and relevance of agriculture, food, and natural resources (AFNR) subject matter.
Grade Level: 9 -12
Contact: Joshua Remington, Iowa FFA Foundation – joshua.remington@iowaffafoundation.org
For More Information: www.iowaffafoundation.org

Defined STEM
Description:Defined STEM is a web-based content resource that brings the core fundamentlas of STEM education to life for all  teachers and students within a school.
Grade Level: K -12
Contact: Johnjoe Farragher, Defined Learning, LLC – johnjoe@definedlearning.com
For More Information: www.definedstem.com

Engineering is Elementary in Iowa (EiE) 
Description: Engineering is Elementary is a research-based, standards-driven, and classroom-tested curriculum that integrates engineering and technology concepts and skills with elementary science topics.
Grade Level: 1-6
Contact: Christopher Soldat, Grant Wood AEA Van Allen Science Teaching Center – csoldat@gwaea.org
For More Information: www.aea10.k12.ia.us/vastscience/curriculumnew.html

FIRST Tech Challenge
Description: FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is a community-focused robotics program while teaching students the value of hard work, innovation and creativity while going beyond the robotics competition by teaching teenagers the importance of working together, sharing ideas and treating each other with respect and dignity.
Grade Level: 7-12
Contact: Rebecca Whitaker, University of Iowa, rwhitake@engineering.uiowa.edu
For More Information: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/ftc
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HyperStream - Technology Hub for Iowa Students 
Description: HyperStream/IT-Adventures and VREP, either independently or in combination, fosters real-world learning for 5th-12th graders through hands-on technology projects, competitions, showcases and engaging presentations through after-school clubs or integrated into curriculum, combined with the opportunity to work with technology mentors.
Grade Level: 5-12
Contact: Tamara Kenworthy, Program Manager, Technology Association of Iowa (TAI) – tamara@technologyiowa.org
For More Information: http://hyperstream.org or click here

KidWind Renewable Energy STEM
Description: KidWind’s program introduces teachers and students to renewable energy STEM concepts: our REcharge Labs will bring effective training and resources to teachers across Iowa, while the KidWind Renewable Energy Festival and the Online Renewable Energy Challenge give students a hands-on application for the concepts they learn.  
Grade Level: 3-12
Contact: Michael Arquin, KidWind, michael@kidwind.org
For More Information: http://learn.kidwind.org/

SCI Pint Size Science*
Description: The Science Center of Iowa's Pint Size Science program provides a platform for young children ages 3 to 5 to explore science in a highly-engaging, interactive, and safe manner.
Grade Level: preK-K (ages 3-5)
Contact: Kay Murphy, Science Center of Iowa, kay.murphy@sciowa.org
For More Information: http://www.sciowa.org/learn/pint-size-science/

Project Lead The Way: Engineering*
Description: Funding will assist Iowa schools in implementing and expanding Project Lead The Way's Engineering program by providing tuition for Principles Of Engineering (POE) Core Training for one teacher as well as six VEX PLTW Engineering Robotics Kits.
Grade Level: 9-12
Contact: Kim Glenn, PLTW Director of School Engagement, kglenn@pltw.org
For More Information: www.pltw.org or click here.

Project Lead The Way: Gateway 
Description: Funding will assist Iowa schools in implementing Project Lead The Way's Gateway program by providing tuition for Design & Modeling and Automation & Robotics Core Training for teachers and five VEX PLTW Gateway Robotics Kits.

Grade Level: 6 - 8
Contact: Kim Glenn, PLTW Director of School Engagement, kglenn@pltw.org
For More Information: www.pltw.org or click here.

* - New STEM Scale-Up Programs for 2014-2015