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Welcome to The following is a brief guide to the website and an overview of what you can find in each tab (To better help your navigation and needs).


Home Page

Here you will find basic information.

  • Council Meeting information
  • News & Information Section
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  • Info-STEM

Advisory Council Tab

Priorities Tab

Here you will find our Targeted Priorities supporting the goals listed in the Governor’s Executive Order 74 which address the most pressing challenges facing STEM education in the State of Iowa.


STEM Hubs Tab

Here you will find the Regional STEM Network. Displayed is an interactive map of Iowa, divided up into the six regions. You are able to click each section of the map to find the 1) Regional STEM Manager Contact Info and 2) Regional STEM Advisory Board Members List.

Students Tab

Find everything you need to know about STEM right here - from career exploration in Iowa's key industries (advanced manufacturing, biotech, information solutions, healthcare, etc.) to fun mathematics and science summer camps. This page has something for everyone interested in STEM!

Parents Tab

Here are connections that you might find helpful while working with your children regarding their education, particularly in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Educators Tab

High standard resources are important for our teachers in order to maintain great education opportunities for Iowa students. Here you will find STEM Education Resources links for In-School and Out-of-School resources.

Informal STEM Education Tab

A vital role for fulfilling the goal of the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council is served by Iowa’s informal STEM Education communities. Here you will find a list with links of participating companies, businesses, programs that help and participate in the STEM initiative.


Corporate Partners Tab

This list of companies have all partnered with the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council and/or IMSEP in bringing top-quality STEM education to Iowa. Logos of companies link to their websites.


 This tab links to the IMSEP website which features:


Links to: