Active Programs 2014-2015

Below please find a listing of current Iowa STEM programs and committees: 

ACTIVE PROGRAMS (This does not include a constellation of activities going on within STEM Network regions by our STEM managers.)


  • Business Development, Carrie Rankin
  • Ag. Science support, Rachel Hurley
  • Computer Science support, Mark Gruwell, co-chair
  • Broadband for Iowa, John Carver
  • Community College STEM Network, Jeff Weld
  • Four-year College STEM Network, Jeff Weld
  • Engaging Counselors, parents, Rob Denson and Bill Ruud
  • Seal of Approval, Jordan Lampe
  • STEM Support of Arts, David Barajas & Tim Bower & Steve Triplett
  • STEM Active Learning Community - Deb Dunkhase ( )
  • CAPS Review and Selection, Kristine Bullock
  • STEM Volunteer Service - Jeff Beneke
  • (Conference planning- admin team)
  • (Website re-design - Molly Faber and Angel Mendez)
  • (Scale-Up planning - Sarah Derry )
  • (Regional STEM Network Team - admin team)

2012 Priorities

The Governor's STEM Advisory Council identified targeted areas supporting the goals listed in the Governor's Executive Order 74. These priorities address the most pressing challenges facing STEM education in the state of Iowa. Listed below are those priorities and the team members who have volunteered to work on these areas. Also listed are "Innovation Focus" proposals recommended by Council subgroups. These particular areas of focus have been wisely researched and are offered to the Council as areas needing further exploration. If you would like to make suggestions or contribute to these groups, click here to send an email.

1. Top Priority – Student Interest and Achievement

2. Technology Enhanced Instruction for Global Learning 

3. STEM Teacher Recruitment and Preparation 

4. STEM Learner Readiness for Post-Secondary Education and Career 

5. STEM Education Policy

6. Public Awareness of the Importance of STEM Education for the Economy and Society 

7. Public/Private Partnerships and Mapping STEM Education to Economic Development

8. STEM for ALL - High Potential, Under-Represented, and Nontraditional