Iowa's Computer Science Matrix

Iowa's Computer Science Matrix is provided to Iowa educators as a service to help pinpoint accessible computer science opportunities currently happening across Iowa in all grade levels.

This matrix is not an endorsement of any program on part of the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council and no vetting or evaluation has been conducted by the STEM Council of these programs. All of those listed are known to exist or potentially exist in Iowa and they align with CSTA standards.

We understand that this is not an exhaustive list of all computer science in Iowa, so please forward additions to this list to




AP Computer Science A or Principles

College Board

AP CS A: College-level introduction to computational thinking/programming. AP CS Principals: Organization of data (data structures), processing data (algorithms), analysis, ethical and social implications of computing as well as Java coding.


Bootstrap 1 and 2


Computer science fundamentals and algebra via building a computer game (1); Bootstrap material followed by additional computer science concepts (2).


Computer Science First


Teachers and/or community volunteers use resources to start a computer science education club. Students use a site to access programming exercises, ranging from creating/editing animations to designing games.


Computer Science Fundamentals

Students learn computer science fundamentals/problem solving skills through unplugged and device-connected activites and puzzles.


Computer Science and Programming

Khan Academy

Covers a large variety of topics in computer programming: drawing/animation, making webpages, querying/managing data, games visualizations, natural stimulations, interactivity and exploring careers in computer programming.

Upper Elementary to College

CS Discoveries and Principles

NewBoCo (Iowa's Professional Learning Partner for

CS Discoveries: Introductory gaming, circuits, web and app development that builds creativity and problem-solving. CS Principles: Six units spanning Internet functions, data tools, JS, IT ethics, building Apps and AP Performance Task.


Cyber Security Literacy

Doug Jacobson, ISU

The prime goal of practical computer security literacy is to provide students with security context for many of the activities they encounter throughout their everyday use of computers and the internet.


Everyone Can Code (Swift, Learn to Code 1 and 2, App Development)


Swift Playground for elementary students uses real code in solving puzzles and controlling characters. App Development shows new users how to create their own application from start to finish. Code 1 and 2 on Mac use Xcode software.


Exploring Computer Science

National Science Foundation

The program consists of six units, including human computer interaction, problem solving, web design, programming, computer and data analysis and robotics.


Game:IT; Mobile App; Start:IT


Game:IT Elementary introduces 3-6th grades to game design. START:IT entrepreneurship class teaches how technology can be used to start a business. Mobile App:IT is an introduction to Java programming and mobile app development. GAME:IT is an introduction to game design.


Girls Who Code

Afterschool or informal settings develop a club facilitated by local women IT professionals as mentors and provide workplace experiences and CS projects. The curriculum is provided by Girls Who Code.



Technology Association of Iowa

Focuses on five learning tracks rooted in computer science, including Multimedia, Game Design, Cyber Defense, Application Development and Robotics.


Introduction to CS, CS Principles, CS A

Project Lead The Way

PLTW CS experience involves interdisciplinary learning, exposing students not only to computer science, but to various disciplines and subjects, helping them understand how computer science relates to the world around them.


Intro to CS in Python or JavaScript or Jave, Computing Ideas, Intro to Programming


Fundamentals of computer programming to game design as well as coding in Python, JavaScript and Java. Content is fully web-based with students writing and running code in browsers. Teachers utilize tools and resources provided by CodeHS to leverage time in the classroom and give focused 1-on-1 attention to students. Lessons include video tutorials, short quizzes and example programs to explore and write programming exercises.



Kindergarten begins with learning foundational skills of computer science the progresses to reading and writing code in the 5th grade.


Microsoft Imagine Academy


Microsoft Imagine Academy connects students with the tools, resources and experiences they need to elevate their skills for today’s working world. Whether it’s building a game, designing an app or launcing a project, the program helps students develop their ideas and bodly bring them to life.

Middle School to Community College

Oracle Academy


Comprehensive curriculum offers students a computer science pathway lasting from one semester to three full years. Students engage in hands-on learning and develop skills in Java Programming, Database Design, SQL, and/or PL/SQL along with career skills such as problem solving, collaboration and critical thinking. Student project and rubric are available for districts who require both examination and project-based evidence of completion. Curriculum is aligned to CSTA & ISTE standards, AP CS A, as well as the Oracle certification.


Reboot Iowa

Antoinette Stevens

Reboot Iowa is a Des Moines-based non-profit started to improve the technical literacy of adults and facilitate courses to teach adults how to program.

Adult Code Training

TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in School)


The program pairs experienced software engineers with classroom teachers. Various levels of support are provided depending on the level of teacher experience and the course. Any teacher may bring the CS course, alongside a CS professional who leads instruction over a gradual three-year phaseout.


Tech Journey

Committed to inspiring youth to increase their knowledge and interest in technology by providing engaging learning opportunities led by technology professionals.