IT and Cyber Programs Earn 2020 STEM Council Seal of Approval

Two Programs Earn 2020 STEM Council Seal of Approval
Two Programs Earn 2020 STEM Council Seal of Approval

The STEM Council endorsed two STEM programs in Iowa with the Seal of Approval. The Seal of Approval recognizes non-Council programs and events that are helping advance the goals of Iowa STEM, one America’s most ambitious and effective state STEM initiatives.

“The STEM Council recognized the many allies and complementary programs at work in Iowa aligned to our vital work, and charged us with developing a means for recognizing them as partners,” said Jeff Weld, executive director of the Council. “We’re pleased to extend the STEM Council’s Seal of Approval to programs who can leverage the recognition in amplifying their own effectiveness at spreading STEM thinking and the engagement of Iowa communities.”

Security Literacy

One of the programs receiving the Seal of Approval is Cybersecurity Literacy, which is designed to equip educators and professionals to reach out to their respective communities and promote cybersecurity literacy. It is designed to help students be aware of cybersecurity issues and how to take steps towards mitigating these realistic security threats. To help address this problem, a curriculum has been developed that focuses on learning computer security from the user’s point-of-view. The project contains materials for high school educators designed to be easy to understand and use. Students can apply the information they learn to real world situations through class-based discussions, case studies and classroom assignments. All curriculum materials are available to instructors free of charge.


The second recipient is IT-Adventures, an innovative program  designed to engage high school students in technology. Students of all experience levels can join their school’s IT-Adventures Club, led by educators and mentors, and select the venture of their choice: robotics, smart-IT and cyber defense. The curriculum offers hands-on, real-world applications of STEM principles in a team-based setting. Students work collaboratively not only with their school teams but across Iowa to spread their learning and grow the community. Clubs receive teaching materials and challenges from IT-Adventures staff to work through, teaching students the curriculum, teamwork and problem solving.

Both programs are the product of Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Dr. Doug Jacobson and his team at Iowa State University.

Seal of Approval applications are invited on a rolling basis for individual programs or periodic events that significantly advance STEM principles and thinking in Iowa communities. Applicants should be unaffiliated with existing STEM Council programs. The Seal is expressly for programs, not intended for individuals, organizations or institutions. Applications are reviewed three time per year: late April, August and December.

Visit for more information on the STEM Council Seal of Approval.

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