Message from Executive Director Jeff Weld

America's Strategy for STEM Education
Iowa STEM Council Executive Director returns from one-year national STEM assignment.

A little bit of everyone involved with Iowa STEM went with me to Washington, DC in late 2017 to usher the delivery of America’s Strategy for STEM Education. From our Governor’s STEM Advisory Council co-chairs and members, to our regional advisory board members, regional managers and operations team, hub institutional partners, program providers, educators across the State and their constellations of collaborators, and more, your collective wisdom informed the nation’s “North Star” for STEM. Iowa’s leadership in STEM education, especially in bridging the worlds of education and workforce, inspires many beyond our borders. Our privilege in setting an example for the rest of the country is a tribute to all who support and trust us. We have a solemn responsibility for continuous improvement.

Under the interim directorship of Cindy Dietz alongside expert management by our operations team and regional managers, I was very pleased with the advancements made on a number STEM Council priorities in 2018. Expanded work-based learning for students and their teachers, effective programming scaled to preK-12 educators across the state, State Fair and local festivals celebrating STEM, enhanced communications, classroom rock stars recognition, investments in innovation, a unifying mission statement, and operational efficiencies are just some of the fronts moved forward this year.

Bold vision and intrepid exploration positioned our state as a leader in STEM education. Parents, legislators, employers and our many constituents count on us to define the horizon and stay innovative, equipping young Iowans to command their futures. I look forward to striving alongside you in the weeks, months, and years to come to deliver on that promise.  I am humbled and honored to once again lead in service to the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council.

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