Scores of Iowa students compared to students nationwide

Mathematics as a Magnet to STEM

America’s Strategy for STEM Education maps out the Federal Government’s five-year plan for STEM education to help position the United States as a global leader in STEM literac

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Ashley Mitchell completed an Externship with the Iowa National Guard

Employers, Now is the Time to Plan for 2020 STEM Teacher Externship

Work-based learning offers valuable experience for today’s students to gain knowledge and training for future workforce opportunities.

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Students enjoy hands-on STEM activities.

Family STEM Festivals Spark Interest in STEM

Family STEM Festivals appeal to families in communities across Iowa for the fun-filled and educational atmosphere. From virtual welding and testing chemical reactions to robotics and medical simulations, Family STEM Festivals are exciting and enjoyable for all ages. 

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Educators test out resource tools and materials for potential use in the classroom.

Elementary Schools Prepare to Implement Computer Science in the Classroom

Twelve schools are leading the way for computer science instruction in Iowa as part of the Computer Science is Elementary project.

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Mathematics STEM Scale-Up Program

Strengthening Mathematics Education through STEM Scale-Up Program

Applications are now being accepted for the 2019-2020 STEM Scale-Up Program mathematics menu.
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2020 I.O.W.A. STEM Teacher Award

I.O.W.A. STEM Teacher Award Nominations Open

Iowa is home to numerous outstanding educators.
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STEM BEST Students at CurbTender

Summer Work-Based Learning Experience Turns into Job Opportunity for Students

For nearly three years, Cedar Falls high school students have had the opportunity to participate in a STEM BEST model they call Cedar Falls Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) during the school year.
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STEM Day at the Iowa State Fair

Disciplines Converge at STEM Day at the Fair

STEM education encourages skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking, art and communication to converge, working seamlessly to provide a complete academic foundation that inspires minds and strengthens Iowa’s economic and workforce development.
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Iowa Clearinghouse for Work-Based Learning

New Opportunities for Students, Employers and Teachers

Work-based learning empowers students to apply what they are learning in the classroom to high-quality, real-world professional experiences.

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STEM Seal of Approval

G.E.M.S. Camp Earns STEM Council Seal of Approval

G.E.M.S. (Girls Exploring Math & Science) Camp embodies the principle of STEM, including an interdisciplinary approach to learning about phenomena that happens all around us every day. That is why the G.E.M.S. Camp recently earned the STEM Council Seal of Approval.
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