Agora: STEM Learning Communities

AEA PD Online: Agora is a learning community that allows educators to find and use various resources and tools. This year, the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council developed the “STEM Learning Communities” portal through Agora that will allow all educators that received a STEM Scale-Up Program award to:

  • Receive regular updates about the program, including upcoming events and other important information and dates;
  • Communicate across Iowa with other educators using the same program in their classrooms or out-of-school environments;
  • Share your story about how your program is going and be featured in various media opportunities;
  • Keep track of your progress in submitting your evaluation materials for your program;
  • And, learn more about other programs on the STEM Scale-Up Program menu.

SIGN UP FOR FREE AND LOG IN to the portal using this link:

Or watch this YouTube tutorial on how to use the portal:

If you have any questions about this portal, please contact Mary Trent at or Nancy Peterman at