2020 STEM Spotlight

Sam Edster-Mitchell, a biology teacher at Norwalk High School, was a 2020 teacher extern at Kemin Industries.
2020 has been an unforgettable year. While it played out differently than anyone may have expected, STEM principles were spotlighted in many ways during this pandemic year. From medical professionals addressing mitigation efforts to statisticians analyzing patterns, the impact of STEM education in our everyday lives was even more apparent.

Governor's STEM Education Advisory Council Charts the Future

21st convening of the Governor's STEM Advisory Council.
With a mission of helping people connect to career goals and achieve financial stability, the Evelyn K. Davis Center for Working Families set the stage for the 21st convening of the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council. The meeting primarily focused on sustainability and expansion of work-based learning.

New Council Members Join Quest to Advance STEM in Iowa

Gov. Kim Reynolds appointed 22 new members to the STEM Advisory Council.
Among the attributes that distinguish Iowa’s STEM education progress nationally, outstanding members who make up the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council figures prominently. Dedicated stakeholders from education, business and industry, nonprofits, agencies and legislature serve under the leadership of co-chairs Gov. Kim Reynolds and Accumold President and CEO Roger Hargens.

New Members Appointed to Council

Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council

The Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council is comprised of 50 members throughout Iowa, including leaders in education, business and industry, nonprofits and state and local government officials. This body of individuals helps guide the overall direction of the STEM Council to increase student interest, enhance engagement and improve STEM achievement in Iowa. Read more about New Members Appointed to Council

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