Tanya Hunt Joins STEM Council as Part-Time Program Coordinator

Tanya Hunt
Tanya Hunt helps coordinate the STEM BEST Program on behalf of the STEM Council.

Tanya Hunt heard the call for a focused effort to assist the STEM Council team on helping to further support and strengthen the state’s STEM BEST Program partnerships. Tanya brings a passion for facilitating and fostering collaboration that benefit those aspiring to strengthen strategic partnerships in their communities, an important quality that benefits the now 50 STEM BEST Programs across Iowa.

The STEM BEST Program began in 2014 with five models and has grown significantly in five years. Today, the community collaborations involving school+partnerships have impacted 54 schools and school districts, nearly 5,000 students, 453 community partners and approximately 200 educators.

Tanya’s background provides a natural fit for improving communication and growth opportunities for the STEM BEST Program. Tanya brings 20 years of experience in various educational settings. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy with an emphasis on community-based practice and child development from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Past roles include special education coordinator, family development specialist, parent-child home program lead coordinator and general education paraeducator.

A mom to four children, Tanya has volunteered in youth activities, including coaching a local Lego League team.

“I love the nature of not knowing and learning how to fail and still coming away with knowledge and the desire to do better,” said Tanya. “Watching how the kids take ownership and become excited about learning is all I need to continue to donate my time. It fuels me to give more, and I learn so much from them as well.”

Join us in welcoming Tanya to the STEM Council Network Team at Hunt@IowaSTEM.gov.

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